Course Online Html5 Player Quick Start Guide


The main interface

  1. Screenshot
  2. Video
  3. Whiteboard 1
  4. Seek Bar
  5. Play / Pause
  6. Jump 10 seconds back
  7. Jump 10 seconds forward
  8. Play / Total Time
  9. Volume Control
  10. Control Playback Speed
  11. Toggle Fullscreen




Display Area

The height of the Display Area will be scaled with the player size.

Preview Area

The height of the Preview Area is fixed.

Click in the Preview Area

Move the widget from the Preview Area to the Display Area by clicking the widget in the Preview Area.

Click in the Display Area


K or Spacebar: Toggle play/pause the video | k or Spacebar

Left arrow: Go back 5 seconds

Ctrl/Command + Left arrow: Go back 15 seconds

Right arrow: Go forward 5 seconds

Ctrl/Command + Right Arrow: Go forward 15 seconds

0: Restart video

1: Normal speed

2: Speed x1.25

3: Speed x1.5

4: Speed x2

f: Go to Full Screen mode

Escape: Exit Full Screen mode

Home: Go to beginning of video

End: Go to end of video

Up arrow: Increase volume 5%

Down arrow: Decrease volume 5%

Shift + >: Increase speed

Shift + <: Decrease speed

Browser Support

Course Online Html5 Player supports most popular browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and above, Safari, Firefox.

It doesn't support older browsers like Internet Explorer 9 and below.

It doesn’t support iPhone with iOS 9 or earlier due to Apple limitations and restrictions, please update your iPhone to iOS 10 or later, use our iOS app instead Get the iOS App.